Valery Vermeulen

Kunstblock / TEC ART opening party / live

11 Feb : Kunstblock / TEC ART opening party‚Ä®
21:30 – 3:00 | free entrance

The financial crisis or astrophysical data streams and models as main sources for interactive electronic musical projects. This is the main setup of the work of mathematician, musician and multi media artist Valery Vermeulen (BE). With the live set at TEC ART 2016 he investigates various connections between the financial industry, astrophysics and the world of music composition and performance. In exploring these connections focus is set on two different approaches. In the first approach new ways are sought to transform several mathematical tools stemming from the financial industry (such as financial risk models, (high frequency) trading algorithms) into new tools for music creation. The work of pioneering artist I. Xenakis servers here as a starting point. In the second approach data sonification techniques are developed to transform vast amounts of data coming from (deep) space, or the financial markets into sound and music.

Get ready to be immersed into a sound trip directed by the hidden worlds that both deep space and the various black pools from the financial industry incorporate.