Ancient Methods

Double Cross / TEC ART afterparty / live

12 Feb : Double Cross / TEC ART afterparty
23:30 – 6:00 | presale €7.50 door €10

The insistent flashes of light illuminate the darkness in slices, ripping past the writhing bodies and lashing against eyes already ruined by smoke and sweat. Though the strobe makes visibility difficult and the fatigue of overload (dance, alcohol, serotonin) makes the mind struggle at comprehension, this monstrous cube holds no real fears. It is a machine: a tool in the hands of a man who has shaped its sound system into a soul-hammer. Illuminated only by the red glow of the electronics surrounding him, he piles on wave after wave of metallic beats before unleashing a distorted low-end to finish grinding the auras of all listening into ephemeral hackfleisch. This modern monstrosity of sound is all part of the Ancient Methods of Michael Wollenhaupt.